Home Learning at Corinna School
We believe that home learning provides an important link between school and home and positively affects the child’s educational progress.

Year 1/2/3 (Junior School):

Child takes home a home reader and a reading record is signed and returned to school daily. Sometimes, some children may bring other schoolwork home to do.

Expected Time: 10-15 minutes

Year 4 – 6 (Middle School):

  • Reading – read a book or a chapter from a book you have at home, or maybe read an article from a newspaper like the Kapi Mana or read the book the teacher has given your child
  • Basic Facts Sheet - complete the sheet and prepare for a quick test on Friday
  • Home Learning Book – complete this two or three times per week if there is any purposeful and relevant learning e.g. a task from class. As an example, your child could talk to someone in your family/play a game/teach a strategy/find the meaning of a word.

Expected time: 15-30 minutes

Year 7/8 (Senior School):
  • Basic Facts (+, -, x)
  • Be prepared to be asked for your ideas or experiences linked to the topic they are studying
  • After your child has read by themselves, talk with them about their book
Expected Time: 30-45 minutes

Parents are also welcome to bring other Corinna children to the library to use the resources to support Home Learning.

It is very important that the home learning is supported and encouraged by you at home.

If your child is having any trouble with their home learning, please make an appointment to see the Class Teacher.