Mission Statement
Corinna School will provide each child with a strong learning base and a sense of pride in themselves, their culture, their language and their achievements

Our Vision:

At Corinna School the vision expressed in the New Zealand Curriculum ( Page 8 ) is what we want for our students.

For teachers and parents at Corinna this means:

  • Having a shared understanding of what students need to achieve and how to manage themselves to be successful learners in the 21st Century
  • Developing a learning environment that supports respect for diversity and builds strong individual cultural identities while teaching the importance of cohesion
  • Setting high expectations for maximising students’ key competencies
  • Having zero tolerance for failure

To enable our students to compete equitably with all New Zealanders and people globally, our priorities are:

  • To lift student achievement in literacy and mathematics to meet curriculum expectations in learning and achievement in all learning areas
  • To empower students to participate effectively in learning experiences through active teaching of the key competencies
  • To build strong community partnership and participation
  • To actively practice our stated values in all our relationships and in everything we say and do

Collectively (the Board, leaders, teachers, parents and students) we will:

  • Use the N.Z.C. principles as the foundation of all structural, behavioural and curriculum decision-making
  • Plan, act, review, and implement change for improvement at all levels (Board through to classroom) using a cycle of inquiry to identify student needs and aspects of curriculum that need attention
  • Engage parents and students (as groups and as individuals) in the learning and goal setting process