Corinna School is a place where we feel strong, nurtured and safe. Our diversity is expressed in many different ways. We have opportunities, and are supported to lead and go beyond our limits. Our environmental programmes are school wide creating a clean, waste-free place. Our trees, plants and food gardens are cared for and provide learning and nourishment for our community.

Projects are participants are growing in number, maintaining, increasing range and depth of learning and action, extending, developing connections and integration.

We have a clear, shared whole school vision and we are working together creatively to make it happen. There are obvious signs of all the Guiding Principles/Ngā Mātāpono in our school, across all the areas of school live. We have a sense of inter-relatedness/whanaunatanga in terms of our school, our community and our environment. Our sustainable practices are being kept up and are growing; we are branching into new aspects as well as going deeper with existing ones through student-led enquiry. Students are fully involved in planning and making decisions about actions. We are tracking out progress and can show that more change has happened. Our work has involved lots of people in our school as well as parents, whānau and community members.